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Armored Core 4A: The Gundam War Front

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October 15, 2010-ZAFT Imperial Clan has a sister site dedicated to Halo 3 and Reach Enjoy. Expect more site updates coming.

 06/16/09-Five Years Anniversary since the ZAFT Forces launched in October C.E. 74(10/04), To Celebrate I Give you ZAFT Imperial Forces 2.0! 30th Year for Mobile Suit Gundam(Kidou Senshi Gandamu) and for that I announce the First Gundam Clan War on Armored Core: For Answer as Armored Core 4A: The Gundam War Front.  To sign up just go to the clan webpage and sign up! Remember Right now its only for Xbox 360. But later on it will spread to the Playstation 3 Once the Clan gets bigger.  This is Official ZAFT is here to Stay.  ZAFT RPG 2.0 for AIM/AOL will commence soon.  Yes This is will take place in the NEW Star Trek Alternate Universe after the Nero Incident. More Infomation will come out soon.  For now, the Clan is currently Active in ACFA and also Call of Duty: World at War. Please Enjoy 2.0 and more surprises to come.  Also I Alucard aka Athrun Zala will not be the only one doing the Website Changes I will also let other head clan members Like Trowa Barton our main Missle/Gatling Pilot to do some nice changes as well.  The Neo Zeon-ZAFT Alliance is at a halt due to issues in the current Storyline being Redone/Rebooted. That's alright but let's the Celebration Begins!

For the new people coming here you might need AOL or AIM Messenger to get into our sims. Go to for more details. and yes its free for AIM!!!

ZAFT Imperial Forces Presents The ZAFT Official Music Video for the ZAFT Imperial Clan for Halo 3 and Reach!

Welcome to the ZAFT Forces


The ZAFT Imperial Forces


In Cosmic Era 74 (2263 AD)-After the First and Second Earth-PLANT The Atlantic Federation have been working on a new test weapon of eliminating the PLANTs in secercy. On Feburary 14th, Celebrating the 4th Anniversary of the Bloody Valentine Tragedy, the Earth-Space Alliance was formed between the Eurasian Federation and the ZAFT. The Atlantic Federation responded with the Assassination of Mikhail Resputin, former Ambassador of the Eurasian Federation. The Earth-Space Alliance react with launching N-Jammers onto the Atlantic Federation but failed and the war resulted of the 45% of the Earth Surface polluted with Nuclear radiation.  ZAFT improved their Animal-Like Mobile Suits and renamed them Zoids.  Zoids and Mobile Suit Technology reach its height in Cosmic Era 76 when Operation Zoids  launched their first zoid called Liger Zero.  The Earth Alliance responded by arming themselves to the teeth with Nukes.  The United Earth-Space Alliance crumbled soon after the AF launches its Test Weapon the Kojima Cannon which resulted the death of 1/3 of the Human Population.  Since then, the Surface slowly becoming inhabitable due to increase of Kojima technology and Posioning of the Earth. The Earth Alliance was reformed once again and formed Aerial Colonies called Cradles and developed Cylinder-like Space Colonies to house the booming Natural Population. Now Cosmic Era 79(2268 AD), The Test Weapon that the Atlantic Federation made five years ago was completed and the EA(Consist of Atlantic Federation and the European-African Union) declared war on ZAFT.  While ZAFT took over the Former Eurasian Federation Territories in Asia and was renamed the ZAFT Empire. The EA equiped new Mobile suits called AC NEXTs equiped with Kojima Missles and Rifles at the frontlines. Six Months has past and the Earth Surface slowly turns into a complete War Ground between the EA and the ZAFT. The Earth Alliance and the Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty is now in a stalemate. Whoever wins the war chooses the fate of the Earth Sphere and the PLANT colonies.

"As war continues to drag on, More people are praying, dying, killing, or become insane by the evils of this war."-Unknown


This Rp is for AOL/AIM users only.  You can download aim and have a free aim screen name/email. YES free AIM mail and Screen name with AIM Messenger program.  go to for more details!

The ZAFT is a Trek/Gundam based Fleet.  Please Enjoy looking around and hope you all join the ZAFT Imperial Forces. 

Gundam SEED Destiny: The ZAFT Chronicles

Phase 1, Chapter 1-Operation Genesis

Operation Genesis will commence again the New Weapon that the Earth Federation made.

"Endless Bouken(Adventure) Spirits! God, Speed, Love!"-GouGou Sentai Boukenger.

Sim Date: TBA

Armored Core For Answer: Gundam Warfront

Clan on hold until further notice.



Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

ZAFT Clan Registrations are still Open Sign up! This will also effect for Call of Duty: Black ops.


Halo 3/Halo: Reach Clan

Sign up for our Halo 3 clan. This also effect Halo Reach clan. Enjoy!




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