The ZAFT Imperial Forces

Armored Core 4A: The Gundam War Front

Command Staff of ZAFT Imperial Clan

Active Supreme Leader of Clan Forces-Athrun Zala(GT-Alucard054)

Second in Command of Clan Forces-Orael Bathory(GT-xx32173xx)


^GT-Gamertag for Xbox Live

Command Staff Members of the ZAFT

Command/Rank                                                   Naval Insigina        

CinC-SupremeAdmiral Athrun Zala                    

CinC (2nd CinC)- Supreme Admiral  Elsman      

CoCinC-Fleet Admiral Tarkel London                 

DCinC- Open                                                         

Co-DCinC-(Open)                                                 Admiral's pips         


Co-VCinC-Open                                                   Vice Admiral's pips

 Rear Admiral-Open                                                      

 CoR. Adrmial- Open                                           Rear Admiral's pips

*Note these Rank Insiginias were created by Steven Marriott.  You could ask him to use his as well at or