The ZAFT Imperial Forces

Armored Core 4A: The Gundam War Front

The USS Scimitar-A New Hope for the ZAFT Forces.

The ISS Scimitar is exactly the same from her Older sister which was the Prototype Ship Created by the Remanians (Star Trek: Nemesis).  Captain Shinzo was the one who Commanded the Prototype.  Now The ZAFT Empire revived the Remanian Warbird to become The New Flagship of the ZAFT! The ISS Scimitar AOL Group Site. The ZAFT Imperial Forces: The ISS Scimitar Chronicles

STATUS: the ISS Scimitar is now back at Drydock for upgrades and repairs.

Specs of the Scimitar
Nicknames: God's holiest Weapon, The Black Death

Length: 1200m
Width: 1350m
Height: 300m
Crew: Emperor Zala(CO) Vice Captain Tarkel London(XO) Rest are Crewmen/Mobile Suit Pilots
Number of Decks: 70
Warp Engines: Presumed MARA
Impulse Engines: Presumed Standard
Computer System: Coordinator           Hanger:Can Hold up more then 5000 Mobile Suits. and 550 of Space Fighters.               
Category: Heavy Battleship

Current Situation: In 1944 AD Space fighting off the enemy Alein race and the Axis Powers.


Other Pictures of the ISS Scimitar: