The ZAFT Imperial Forces

Armored Core 4A: The Gundam War Front

The ISS Sephiroth

The ISS Sephiroth is the first ship ever to have a Fedderation vessel and a well respected name.  Named after the One Winged Angel from Final Fantasy 7 the Video Game, The Sephiroth is an Akira Class vessel that holds it origin as a Japanese named Vessel.   The USS Sephiroth is a replacement of the ISS Minerva due to Refitt Troubles with the design.  The USS Scimitar acts like a ministar base for the Akira Class vessel for repairs,supplies, etc.

From the Desk of Fleet Admiral:

  Dear Fellow crew members of the Sephiroth and the ZAFT. I have seen some lack of duties on some of my ships during the First Year of ZAFT.  If you do not meet your standards of your rank and position, here is the Airlock and say goodbye.  I know my members will not slack off now.  I hope will never resort to this option.

                                                                                                                                      Fleet Admiral Zala

The NCC-83549 ISS Sephiroth-A, The First Star Fleet Vessel commanded by Fleet Admiral Athrun Zala.

ISS Sephiroth:

CO: Fleet Admiral Athrun Zala

XO: Open

Sim times: Wednesdays at 7:30pm CT/8:30 pm EST