The ZAFT Imperial Forces

Armored Core 4A: The Gundam War Front

ZAFT Imperial Clan

Finally an AC Game where you can pilot a Gundam/Mobile Suit.  Tired of using ACs? Then join our clan and pilot a Gundam or Mobile Suit Today!

Play Call of Duty: WaW? Then Join our clan for constant Team Deathmatch, Nazi Zombie frenzies, and Clan battles Join today and use ETZS as your clan tag.

Modern Warfare 2 is out now signup to join our clan and fight the evils that are thrown against us!



For More Infomation Email or Instant Message Athrun or Eagle.

Athrun can be contacted thru any instant messenger.



Xbox Live Gamertag-AIucardH3llsing

Eagle can be contacted through Xbox Live

Xbox Live Gamertag: EagleBlast37

STATUS: ZAFT Clan open for Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops, and Halo Reach.